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Research Data Management

You are invited to participate in a survey which aims to collect data about the data literacy of academics and research students in higher education institutions. From your responses we will be able to fully understand the current levels of awareness and gaps in knowledge which will help us develop appropriate data literacy training for the higher education community.

Please answer all the questions, and note that this survey is anonymous. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the entire survey. By completing this survey you are consenting to the use of your data for research and dissemination purposes. If you have any questions or comments as you are going through the survey, please contact ...

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

PART I: Demographic Information
Your current primary role
Your age
Your discipline
In the field "Other", please comply with the classification structure. ie: Social science: political science
Your legal gender
How long have you been involved in research?
Your country
Your institution
PART II: Awareness of Data Management Issues
Please indicate the file type of data that you normally use for your research
Please choose only one of the following
Which of the following better describes the volume of data you use for your research?
How do you usually get the data for your research?
How do you usually use data that you get from others/outside sources?
What type of data do you produce from your research?
Which of the following better describes the volume of data you produce from your research?
Where do you usually store the data you produce from your research?
Do you normally assign any additional information to your research data
Do you collaborate with other researchers and share data?
Which of the following applies to your research data
Do you have any concerns for sharing data with others
Please answer the following questions
Yes Uncertain No
Does your institution have a Data Management Plan (DMP)?
Have you ever used a DMP for your research?
Do you have a DMP for your current research project(s)?
Do you think a DMP actually helps researchers in managing research data?
Are you familiar with the term metadata?
Do you think a formal training on metadata would be useful for managing research data?
Does your university have a prescribed metadata set for uploading data to a repository?
Does your research community use/recommend any standard file naming system?
Does your university have a standard/consistent file naming system?
Do you use any standard style for citing research data?
Are you familiar with the concept of Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?
Does your university recommend any specific guideline for citing data (e.g. APA, Harvard, etc.)?
Have you got any unique researcher identification (like ORCID=Open Researcher and Contributor ID)?
Does your university actively encourage you to share data on open access (OA) mode?
Are you familiar with your university and/or funding body’s requirements with regard to data storage?
How often do you practice the following?
Almost Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Using metadata standard for tagging your data
Using your own/in-house (your research team) tags and metadata
Using datasets that are tagged with standard metadata
Using file naming convention or standard
Having different versions of the same dataset(s)
Using systems/techniques for version control to easily recognise a specific version
Citing research data
Working with data that are generally in the public domain
Working with data that have restricted access?
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following
Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
I am familiar with the open access requirements
I am comfortable and willing to share my research data with others
I foresee no problems with sharing my research data?
I perceive data ethics could be an issue when research data is shared with others
I would like to store my research datasets beyond the lifetime of the project
Every university should have a Data Management Plan
Every university should have a prescribed metadata set for uploading data into a repository
Universities should recommend and use a standard file naming system
In your opinion who should pay for storage and public access to the data set that you created?
Where should the data be stored for long term access?
Have you had a formal training on the following
Would you like to have a formal training on the following
Any additional information and/or comment you would like to provide related to data management in research