Successful Results Presented at the Online Meeting of the DIGI-KEY Project

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Key to Information Treasure in Digital World- Digital Literacy in Higher Education, also known as DIGI-KEY, is a project aimed at improving digital literacy among higher education students.

The members of the project held an online meeting on 24th February, 2023.

The meeting was called to review the progress of the ongoing project and to discuss the status of the various outputs. The coordinator submitted an interim report to their National Agency and it was approved, indicating that the project was progressing well.

The first output of the project, a website, has been completed and is ready for launch. The website contains information about the project, its objectives, and activities, as well as other relevant resources for stakeholders. The team expressed satisfaction with the final output.

The second output, a course content, is not yet completed. The team responsible for this output has completed their part, but some of the other team members have not yet completed their work. The team expects the completion of the course content in a couple of months. The team discussed the reasons for the delay and identified measures to speed up the work.

The third output, a mobile app, has been introduced by the Italian partner, and it is already available on the Google Play Store and the website. The team expressed satisfaction with the final output and discussed ways to promote the mobile app to reach a wider audience.

Finally, the team discussed the last output, a book, which will be prepared once the content is ready. The team discussed the scope and content of the book and identified the necessary resources and timeline for its completion.

The meeting ended with a summary of the discussion, highlighting the progress made so far and the issues that need attention. The team expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project and their commitment to complete the remaining outputs within the agreed timeline.

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