Digi-Key: First Transnational Meeting

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The first transnational project meeting was held in Bulgaria on 26-27 april of 2022.

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At this meeting, the goal and target groups to which the project is directed were presented. The budget, the planned transnational meetings, as well as the different deadlines for achieving the main goals of the project were discussed.

During this meeting, surveys were discussed and created to assess the digital literacy of students and teachers. Based on these surveys, national reports will be prepared, which will then be issued as a State-of-the-art on the digital literacy needs of students. During the meeting, the logo of the project was considered and adopted, all administrative requirements accompanying the implementation of the project were discussed. The meeting ended with setting a date for the second transnational meeting in France.

Digi key Team
digi key and Serap KURBANOGLU
Digi key and Joumana BOUSTANY
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