Information Literacy Association (InLitAs)

InLitAs is an international association governed by the French law. aims to promote Information Literacy and to develop scientific research, whether fundamental or applied, in this domain.

Information Literacy Association

InLitAs co-organize the biannual European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) in collaboration with the Department of Information Management of Hacettepe University and the Department of Information and Communication Sciences of Zagreb University.

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InLitAs is currently involved in multiple European projects. We believe that collaborating with partners across Europe is essential to achieving our goals and making a positive impact on the development of IL. Our participation in these projects demonstrates our commitment to promote information science.


InLitAs is at the forefront of several international research projects. Our association is proud to be the initiator of these initiatives, which we believe will contribute to promoting Information Literacy. These projects have resulted in several publications in scientifically recognized journals.


InLitAs is publishing books related to its activity. Publications are under Creative Commons Licences and are available to everyone for download. InLitAs’s engagement to open access publishing is a testament to its belief in the importance of making information and knowledge accessible to everyone.

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Learn & Exchange

The main objective of the LEARN & EXCHANCE project is to plan, develop, deliver, validate and start using in the educational practice a novel set of MOOCs in the domain of digital transformation with a focus on the needs of information skills.

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Education, as in every field, is rapidly becoming digital with each passing day. Students cannot access correct and necessary information and cannot use the existing possibilities of digital information literacy in their homework and thesis.

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Research Projects

InLitAs is at the forefront of several international research projects. Our action strive to promote research in th field of Information Literacy and its related fields. Among these projects are ARFIS, CoLiS, DisMis & ReDaM


“Information is not knowledge; it is concepts or ideas which enter a person’s field of perception, are evaluated and assimilated reinforcing or changing the individual’s concept of reality and/or ability to act. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so information is in the mind of the user.”

Paul G. Zurkowski

About InLitAs



The association has an international scope and is dedicated to promoting Information Literacy. Information Literacy is a broad concept that encompasses several topics, including media literacy, digital literacy, data literacy, and all other forms of literacy related to information. Through its efforts to raise awareness, support research, and foster collaboration, the association plays an important role in advancing Information Literacy and its critical role in today’s society.



The association’s mission is to raise awareness about the importance of Information Literacy and its role in empowering individuals to access, evaluate, and use information effectively in various contexts. This includes education, research, and everyday life. By promoting Information Literacy, the association aims to help individuals become more critical consumers and creators of information, which is essential in today’s information-rich society.



The association seeks to foster international collaboration and exchange among researchers, educators, information professionals, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the field of Information Literacy. By facilitating networking and knowledge-sharing, the association aims to advance the development and implementation of best practices in Information Literacy across diverse cultural and social contexts.


Let’s meet in Bamberg for ECIL 2025

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